Personality of a capricorn horoscope

21 Secrets Of The Capricorn Personality…

As children - A Capricorn child is sometimes, simply put, difficult. If they have carefree, liberal parents, it will be extremely challenging to understand their character, as they can easily become the one to bring discipline into a home. They almost always have a complicated relationship with their father, and the key here is to work on their ego and self-love from the start. With loads of self-criticism, these children will take every comment in, process it deep, and rarely confront their authority.

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They need a lot of patience, joy and care in order to socialize well and learn about positive aspects of life instead of simply putting up with it from cause to cause. It is obvious that Capricorn representatives often get cold and distant, as if they were taught by life itself not to trust people or show their emotional core with ease.

Capricorn Symbol, Planet, Element, and Quality

This sort of attitude can make them calculated and in a way shallow, while they observe their partner through how useful they are in their life. Once they fall in love and create true intimacy with someone, they will get tied up, provide the sense of security, and be surprisingly willing to experiment with their sexuality, for as long as it stays hidden from the public eye and other people. They value intimacy that is buried and hidden from everyone, sometimes even from their partner, and it is not easy to find common ground when it comes to any displays of affection.

Ambitious and aware of the consequences of their actions, Capricorn representatives often reach high positions, while understanding the value of education and common sense at the same time, and never hiding from hard work.

Capricorn Traits and Star Sign Personality |

They will show initiative and reliability in most cases, although sometimes not in the pace their job requires them to. They need time to bring the processes in their mind to an end, and give results with deep quality and a solid foundation. Capricorns are ambitious, determined, disciplined and committed to the job for as long as their equation of justice is not disturbed.

Patient as someone who understands the flow of time, belongs to the slow and thorough element of Earth, and feels each step needed to reach a certain goal. Deep for nothing superficial sticks to them for too long.

Capricorn Traits

They have to dig, work on things all the time, and even though they often need a lot of rest, they give results that are unquestionable. Practical and down to earth, with the ability to find use for almost anything in their lives, and this applies to objects, people and situations. Cold for this is a sign that rules winter and ice. Their heart needs to stay warm and lit at all times in order for them to reach the satisfaction they deserve, and guilt or the lack of self-worth often makes them settle for less.

Stubborn with a strong pair of horns, and as a sign that exalts Mars, this is not exactly a person to accept changes, modern approaches and too many innovations in any area of their life. Once they are set in their mind, they will hardly move, rarely listening to any advice and with a high fence built towards opinions of other people. To understand a Capricorn you really have to scratch deep beneath the surface. Their core is warm, sensitive and even mellower than many other signs can imagine, but their caution is greater than their openness for love, and this makes them distant from the rest of the world.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Capricorn Overview. Life is one big project for these folks, and they adapt to this by adopting a businesslike approach to most everything they do. Capricorns are practical as well, taking things one step at a time and being as realistic and pragmatic as possible. Those with a Capricorn zodiac sign are extremely dedicated to their goals, almost to the point of stubbornness. Those victories sure smell sweet, though, and that thought alone will keep Capricorns going. Did you know that Capricorn sign dates can change year to year? The Goat is the Capricorn symbol, and an apt mascot it is. Goats love to climb to the top of the mountain, where the air is clear and fresh. In much the same way, Capricorns want to get to the top of their chosen field so that they can reap the benefits of success; namely fame, prestige and money.

Sagittarius sun sign folks can indeed be domineering, even egotistical, on their route to the top.

Astrology Capricorn Personality Traits

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many of the gods. Caps are happy to work for it, and luckily they possess enough discipline and sense of responsibility to get them there.

Capricorns tend to be mature and are amply blessed with common sense, two more qualities which help their success-driven endeavors. The element associated with Capricorn is Earth.

No big surprise there! They would much rather stay put and get to work. They are scrupulous with details and adopt a rather conventional posture in business and in life.