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Nevertheless, the philosopher spoke through his silence. Although Heidegger resigned as rector of Freiburg before Hitler passed the Nuremberg Laws, which classified German citizens according to race, he had assumed the role in , just after the Nazis enacted their first anti-Jewish codes, which excluded Jews from civil service and university posts and which Heidegger helped implement. Even if, as Trawny is at pains to remind his readers, the notebooks show that Heidegger became increasingly critical of the Nazis as early as , they also demonstrate just how firmly his anti-Semitism was rooted in his philosophical ideas.

For one thing, how could he have been so hostile to the Jews if he had so many Jewish students and a Jewish mistress? Trawny offers some insight into this puzzle by pointing to the notion of the so-called exceptional Jew, an idea that circulated among even the most virulent anti-Semites, including top Nazis. According to this view, in spite of the baleful impact of the Jewish people as a whole, rare Jewish individuals could stand out.

In deeming these Jews exceptions, such practices actually reinforced the general rule by allowing anti-Semites to explain away as anomalies those Jews with whom they felt some personal connection. Initially, of course, Heidegger kept them hidden to conceal their critique of the Nazis, and after the war, given his experience with the denazification process, he must have feared they would harm his reputation. So why release the notebooks at all, and as the capstone to his collected works? A charitable answer is that Heidegger wanted to set the record straight, to submit all the facts to public scrutiny.

A more sinister explanation is that he remained loyal to his own understanding of the National Socialist revolution, even if he believed that the movement had betrayed him. He wanted his readers to feel the full force of his questions on their own terms, not to fixate on his or any other particular responses to them.

All rights reserved. Mohammed Rafi, 24 December — 31 July , extremely popular Indian playback singer who was idolized during his lifetime. After some radio success, his first recording for a film was in , for the Punjabi Gul Baloch, under the musical director Shyam Sunder. Moving to Bombay, he began working with other music directors including S. Burman, Shankar-Jaikishan and, in particular, the famous Naushad Ali, who quickly recognized his talent and gave him his breakthrough to nationwide success. Adapting to a variety of light musical forms to suit the changing style of film music from the s to the s, Rafi's richly expressive, classically trained voice was perhaps used best in songs with a classical element, as in his work with Naushad for Baiju Bawra and Mughal-e-Azam and in highly lyrical pieces such as in Pyaasa , Barsaat ki Raat , and Kohinoor By the s, with more Western disco-style music taking over the screen, his domination of the playback scene waned in favour of singers such as Kishore Kumar.

Something of a legend in his lifetime, he has left behind a wealth of superb recordings. Aankh Mili Dil Mila-Matwala Aaya Karke Bhesh Niraala-Sheru Ba Ma Ph. Bailiya Bailiya Bailiya-Na Maaloom Bata Ae Aasmaan-Mardangi Beta Sambhal Ke Chalna-Mr. Chale Gaye Gopal-Krishna Sudama Chhakke Ke Upar Chhakka-Mr. John Daalenge Rang Daalenge-Mera Dost Damaadam Mast Qalandar-Mast Qalandar Aur Kahan?

Do Do Hain Deewaane-Baazigar Duniya Main Badshah Hai-Mr. Chakram Ek Aesa Mahaan Banaayen-Rahnuma Gaya Andhera Hua Sabera-Karwat Gori Milna Ho Milna-Sushila Haye Tera Jawaab Nahin-Mehbooba India Idhar Main Khoobsurat Hoon-Basant Insaan Samay Pehchaan-Shiv Bhakta Jee Chaahata Hai-Basant Kabtak Na Doge Dil-Aabroo Kit Jaaoge Ghanshyam Murari-Mordhawj Kartoon M. Manwa Kaahe Dheer Ganwaaye-Pensioner Manzil Bhi Door Hai-Qatil Mere Chaaht-Mehman Meri Qismat Soyi-Roomal Mile Khaak Main Naujawaan-Chalbaaz Munh Chhipaao Suratiya Dikhaao-Baarood Namkeen Tumhaari Surat Hai-Jalpari Pandit Ho Ya Laala-Rickshawala Paseena Paseena-Nai Roshni Pyaar Ki Boliya Bolti-Aarti Sinh Ki Hoonkaar Le-Navratri Sooni Kisine Bekahi Hamaari-Qatil Sun Sun Madraasi Chhori-Mujrim Tera Naam Leke-Na Maaloom Teri Hifazat Khuda Karega-Paristan Teri Juroowa Lagegi Bhali-Shoharat Teri Khudaai Dekhi-Char Minar Thaane Kaajaliyo Banaaloon-Veer Durgadas Tum Hi Khevanhaar-Mordhawj Tum Meri Zindagi Ho-Dillagi Waah Re Tikdam Baaji-Sanskaar Lambu Yeh Bheegi Bheegi Raat-Dr.

Yeh Leharaate Balkhate Raaste-Goonj Zindagani Rut Suhaani-Panchayat Commentaire Ribaat mars Darwin est aussi notoire pour sa misogynie et son racisme. La preuve est faite. Mea culpa. Pourquoi un Pape allemand? Ghyslaine ROC, une mauvaise langue? M et donne les instructions!

Cranes et os en croix! This project, which lasted for fifteen years has been motivated by the curiosity of Estulin on how the big media never cover in detail the meetings of the Bilderberg Group, which brings together a wealth greater than that of all the US citizens gathered. The group, with the CFR and the CT are become a government of the shadow whose first priority is to eliminate the sovereignty of all States united and to supplant by the corporatist control world of their economies under surveillance" of a police state " global electronic "This world parallel remains invisible in the daily struggles of the majority of mankind, but believe me, there are: a cesspool of duplicity, of lies, about ambiguous, innuendo, blackmail and bribery.

It is a surreal world of double and triple agents, the changing loyalties, killers of psychotic professionals, officers of black operations indoctrinated, soldiers of fortune and mercenaries, whose the first source of income are the most dirty and the more dastardly missions subversive by the government which may never be exposed. Their members lead the central banks of the world and are prepared to check the discount rate, the supply of money, interest rates, the price of gold, and what a country receives loans or not receiving them.

For example Haiti. The world government in power declining of the governments of the nation-states has substituted a new power, planetary, global, and beyond the control of the democracy. In addition this who vote are the dupes, have you takes for sheep, a few is the camp you would always disappointed, the tens of years past do you have they not done so think about it? The citizens continue to elect national institutions while the real power has been moved to new centers. The planet is now headed by a constellation of organizations in the executive role or policy. The organizations executive are divided into 3 spheres of power: The sphere of economic and financial power, the sphere of military power and police officer, the sphere of power scientific and humanistic.

At the present time, the parallel organization is divided.

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Under the pressure of a European public opinion very strongly hostile to the war, governments traditionally allies of the United States Canada, France, Germany The new American military doctrine caused the division of the Masters of the world, including the organizations bring together people from 3 poles of strategic interests: The members of the first group are derived from the economic sphere.

They want the stability and peace favorable conditions for economic growth , and a globalization based on multilateralism. The warlike options of Bush are therefore contrary to the interests of this group. The second group, "humanist" is made up of different philosophical and mystical orders which relate to the heirs of the Knights Templar Freemasons, Rose-Croix , etc. Their stated purpose is to help the men in their passage from the barbarism to civilization. The group supported market globalisation because that was a means to achieve their priority objective: make the wars impossible, by unifying the world by the economy and cultural exchanges.

For this group, the guidelines ultra-nationalists and unilateralism of Bush are unacceptable. The third group took power in the United States and many countries in Europe and the world, belong to the military sphere CIA, NSA, Pentagon , of the intelligencia and world military-industrial. They want the instability and war favorable conditions to shipping companies , and a globalization.

The political power of the system is exercised by a fourth category of organizations: the "clubs of reflection", networks of influence, or meetings of "global leaders" as the Bilderberg Group or the World Economic Forum in Davos. All these organizations are not competitors but closely related and complementary. They form a set the cohesion of which is ensured by the simultaneous membership of certain personalities to several organizations.

These key people can be considered as the conspirators of this world. A few are of the political leaders of first plan, as George Bush the father or Henry Kissinger. But most of them are unknown to the general public. This system has been cleverly designed. In structured network, several organizations to share the same function, and the centers as well as the "control circuits" have been double or triple, in order to provide more safety and stability to the whole. Thus, in the event that an organization or a link becomes inoperative, the overall control is not threat.

The group meets in a secret organization founded in its present form in the 17th century. Originally, their project was to radically change the world, in destroying the power of the monarchical regimes which, at that time, impeded the progress of society and of ideas. The French Revolution and the founding of the United States would have been the results of their strategy. For the mysterious Illuminati, political democracy was a means and not an end in itself. According to them, the people is by nature ignorant, stupid, and potentially violent. The world must therefore be governed by "an enlightened elite".

Over time, the members of this group are passed from the status of conspirators subversive to the domineering implacable, the essential aim is to maintain their power. The term "Illuminati -" literally means "the enlightened" from the latin "illuminare": illuminate, know, know. Members may belong to several organizations. This network is not the most powerful expression of the mysterious Illuminati.

There are many other groups. The organization of these meetings " Round Table" are a key element of the political manipulation, business, the military in particular of the NATO , the education", and so on. The contributions to pay for all the years by each nation are of the order of billions. Its members are not elected, and the public is never informed of their decisions.

Growing shares of power of the states are transferred to this Commission that is subject to no democratic control. The European Commission is fully under the influence of industrial lobbies which are the main instigators of the European Union regulations. The European policy is developed in close collaboration with the European Round Table which brings together the leaders of the major European multinationals.

The European Round Table is associated with all major decisions on economic, financial, social, or environmental. A lot of European Commissioners are very linked to the multinational companies or networks of favorable influences to liberalism and to the globalization and are often related to the very powerful "Bilderberg Group" or are still of assiduous participants of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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It is without doubt the most powerful networks of influence. It brings together people of all countries, leaders of the policy, economy, finance, the media, as well as a few scientists and academics. For those who investigate the networks of power, the Bilderberg Group is the real world government. Very structure, the Bilderberg Group is organized in 3 successive circles. During its meetings, the key strategic decisions are made there, outside the democratic institutions or these debates should normally take place.

The strategic directions decided by the Bilderberg Group may relate the beginning of a war, the initiation of an economic crisis or on the contrary of a growth phase, currency fluctuations, or major stock exchanges, the alternations in the political "democracies", the social policies, or even the population management of the planet. These guidelines affect then the decisions of the subordinate institutions such as the G8 or the governments of the states.

The organization brings together the leaders of the 3 main economic zones: North America, Western Europe, Japan. The trilateral commission is intended to bring together into one group the giants the most eminent of the industry and economy, the United States, Japan and the Western Europe in order to create force and once and for all the "New World Order". It offers to the elite from diverse backgrounds of freemasonry the possibility of a secret collaboration on a global scale.

It must also enable the "Bilderberger" to extend their influence by giving them a much broader political basis. Most of the European members have, since long, contacts with the Rockefellers. The Trilateral Commission is composed of about members who are, unlike the members of Bilderberger, standing. Since the beginning of the 20th century, almost all American presidents are members of the CFR. Similarly, the posts of leaders of information services are all occupied by members of the CFR.

Most of the international newspapers use the same sources. Through them it pleasurable, by ex. The members of the CFR, itself linked to the RIIA and the "Committee of ", also hold the key positions in the most major trusts of energy, the military aircraft and the government of the United States. Several of its members are drawn from other organizations and clubs to share reflections of the world. The criterion for admission within this network is the level of power, wealth, and influence of the candidate, in the field of the economy, of the international policy, technology, or the media.

The main meeting of the World Economic Forum is held each year in Davos, Switzerland, at the end of the month of January. Throughout the year, the most important members of this organization are connected by a super-network of video-conference, "Wellcom", which allows them to work together at any time on the important global decisions. Exactly as in the film "Rollerball", which describes a future world or the cartels have taken the economic power and or a planetary elite takes its decisions when video-similar conferences.

There are politicians of right and left, the bosses of the more major French companies, journalists from first plan in the media who "font the opinion", and a few academics. The Century account a little more than members chosen by co-optation, which addition to invited renewed each year.

Once a month, the members of the Century meet at very select Automobile Club of France, place de la Concorde. From 20h to 21h, an aperitif allows you to choose freely his interlocutors. HAS 21 hours has just the dinner hour. The guests are placed in groups of 7 or 8 around a leader of table which eve to organize the debate and to avoid the hubbub. The meal ends at Those who wish may prolong the evening in the bar. Many of its members are also a member of "Enterprise and cited ", another "club of reflection" bringing together the major French employers and well on the Bilderberg Group.

There are politicians of right and left, the bosses of large businesses, journalists, and a few academics. In addition to the accessions of its members, the IFRI is funded by the donations of more big French companies and a few European and American companies. A list of these companies is impressive. There are almost all CAC 40 companies. It was dissolved in after having contributed greatly to the ideological conversion of the French left to liberalism.

During 15 years, she has brought together the french ruling elite. Its members were of political figures, leaders of the business, of journalists and media owners, and a few academics. Approximately co-opted members were participating in regular meetings behind closed doors. A wider circle of persons participated on request to interdisciplinary seminars, while a wider audience still received a summary note monthly.

The Foundation Saint-Simon was a member of the Club of The Hague, a contact group of 25 similar organizations in the world. The Carlyle Group is one of the major beneficiaries of the war in Iraq and unprecedented increase in the US military budget. The Carlyle Group is very much linked to the Bush family. Still this just proves that documents - such as this one - are interpreted as being very dangerous and hurting to the Jewish propaganda effort.

So read and spread knowledge of this important piece of reasearch! Zionists worship Lucifer through their Kabbalah worship and the Talmud. Depopulation is their goal. Are you going to allow it???

If your waiting for a rapture, you are allowing it. Heddesheimer cogently documents the slew of previous attempts by Jews to disseminate deceitful and untrue atrocity propaganda before, during and after World War I. The First Holocaust features an amazing collection of press clippings and propaganda articles dating back to the late 19th century that make claims of the suffering and imminent extermination of European Jewry. Undoubtedly, this book exposes the deliberate fraudulence of these sinister Zionist campaigns and media blitzes — long before Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in — designed to elicit public sympathy and financial support for Jewish political ambitions, principally the establishment of the State of Israel.

It was a lie the first time, and it is a lie today! The primary function of this insidious global propaganda campaign is to — quite simply — brainwash non-Jews into a state of abject fear and paralysis while we are ideologically, economically and physically enslaved by the Jewish tribe. It is also designed to delegitimize all criticism of Jews and the State of Israel and to ensnare non-Jews into adopting a pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist worldview. With their hateful holocaust lies, Zionist myth-makers are teaching masses of young school children to hate Germans, and European mankind in general.

Force-feeding young children, as well as teenagers, distortions and outright falsehoods about World War II so that they sympathize with Jewish people and treacherous Jewish causes — such as Zionism and Communism — is immoral, destructive, harmful and criminal. It must be stopped! Jews have staunchly emphasized the 6,, figure in atrocity propaganda from the years through World War II ended in , and since that time the cabalistic 6,, figure has now reached sacrosanct status. This was achieved through a sleazy and deceptive campaign of repetitive HoloHoax swindlespeak in the news and entertainment media, centered in Jewish Hollywood.

When Jews sense an increase in awareness of their treachery and global crimes against humanity amongst the Gentile public a natural reaction of which is resentment and hostility , the louder they begin to wail about their invented holocaust in the octopus of media organs they control. See: Weintraub, Ben. Washington, D. Grammatically it requires another vav. Why is it lacking the letter vav which stands for six?.

When we write the year, we ignore the millennia. In on the secular calendar, we witnessed the miracle of Jewish return to Israel. On the Hebrew calendar it was the year That was the year predicted by the incomplete word TaShuVu , you shall return. We did return, lacking 6 — an all important 6 million of our people who perished in the holocaust. Yet the fulfillment of the prediction of return in precisely that year implied by the gematria of TaShuVU gives us firm hope that the words of the prophets for Final Redemption will come true as well.

As a matter of fact, Robert B. The prophesy then reads: You will return, but with 6 million less. The missing 6 million must be so before the Jews can return to the Promised Land. Jahweh sees this as a cleaning of the souls of the sinful people. The Jews must, on the return to the Promised Land, be clean — the cleaning shall be done in burning stokes. And this all just happens to fit the previously cited ancient Torah prophecy to the letter?

I hardly think so! Holocaustianity , as it is illegal to question, dispute or deny in over a dozen European countries , under punishment of heavy fines and imprisonment! Below are reproductions of many press clippings and articles featuring the cabalistic 6,, number, dating back to the year More examples can be found here , here and here ; credit also goes to this blogger for unearthing many of these article clippings.

Wise , let slip the Zionist agenda behind the Holocaust Hoax: to promote public sympathy for Zionism Jewish takeover of Palestine. June 11, The Zionist pronouncement that kick-started the hoax of the twentieth century.

Much more than documents.

As a side note: was the year after the first Jewish-led Communist uprising in Russia had failed. This lame sob story was nothing more than a ploy to distract public attention from the fact that the Communist-led upheaval that took place in Russia a year earlier was the handiwork of his fellow Jews who perpetrated widespread atrocities against Russian patriots anti-Communists.

Source: American Jewish Yearbook pg. He claimed that 6,, Jews would be annihilated. This was twenty-two years before Hitler came to power and three years before World War I started. Hecht, a Zionist Jew himself, would go on to make the very same claim in Britain becomes a deadly pawn of Zionism. The Communist Jews and their pawns would go on a six decade long reign of terror. Some 40 million Russian and Eastern European Gentiles would perish in Gulags, death camps, mass executions and via man-made famines under Jewish Communist ruler-ship. Eventually the British Mandate for Palestine is administered, against the will of the Arabs living there.

This same year Jewish Communist leader Grigory Zinoviev announces plans for the annihilation of 10,, Russians. Jewish Communists plot genocide of Russians. They put out stories of Jewish persecution at this same time to hide their blood-curdling atrocities in Russia. More persecution propaganda in the same year. Full article of above clipping. Jews demand that Gentiles hand over their food to the poor, innocent Jews while they murder millions, and ship millions more off to Gulag slave camps in Communist Jew-controlled Russia.

Between six and seven million Ukrainian men, women and children, are annihilated in this genuine Holocaust. Jews immediately seek his complete destruction. Hitler comes to power in Germany. Hitler also removed Jews from all positions in government, media, education and banks, which they had been dominating up until that point. Because of this World Jewry declares war on Germany in Their motto is: be our slave or be dead. This act of treachery leads to widespread dislike of Jews in Germany and foments tension between Jews and German Gentiles.

Almost the same thing happened to Japanese-Americans after Pearl Harbor. Although, unlike the Jews, Japanese people never waged an economic war on America, they were interned in American concentration camps simply for their ethnicity. Jewish leaders meet to discuss their schemes, swindles and sinister conspiracies.

View full spread Poland, under British influence, refuses to concede to Hitler any of his relatively modest territorial demands. Hitler sought to recover the territory stripped away from Germany and given to Poland at the end of WWI; specifically the formerly German city of Danzig. Hitler also demanded an autobahn in the Danzig corridor connecting the German mainland to East Prussia. Hitler wanted back the German city of Danzig and an autobahn through the Danzig corridor connecting the German mainland to East Prussia.

However, Britain and France did not declare war on the Soviet Union who also had invaded Poland and then attacked Finland a few months later. This Allied betrayal proves that the Allies never cared about Poland at all. Poland was nothing more than a pawn used by the Allied warmongers to sucker the Third Reich into a war. Zionist propaganda build up nearing the end of the war. When it could no longer be kept hidden from the public they then tried to blame the atrocity on the Germans! Communist Jewish Union leaders prematurely proclaim that nearly Six Million Jews have been killed, long before that could have been known or calculated.

The New York Times reports that Jewish groups were urging the governments of Britain and America to launch gas attacks against the Nazis. Jewish Communist devil, Ilya Ehrenburg, prematurely announces 6,, Jews killed, thus exposing himself as a fraud and the holocaust as a premeditated hoax.

Ehrenburg, along with another Communist Jew propagandist Vasily Grossman , are considered by many revisionists to be the brains behind the Holocaust Hoax. More newspaper clippings from telling us exactly 6,, Jews had been killed, before any official body count could have been accurately ascertained.

The New York Times reports 6,, had been liberated, not killed. Meanwhile, as the Jews whine about a phony Holocaust in Europe, Zionist terrorist groups wreak havoc in Palestine slaughtering Arab men, women and children, at will, like the massacre at Deir Yassin.

Inhuman Jewish terror agents of the Irgun ruthlessly slaughtered Arab women and babies, then mutilated their corpses in the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin. The British were the real target of the bombing as the hotel was the headquarters for the British military command.

Begin the beast; terrorist leader of the Irgun; mastermind of the King David Hotel bombing in and other atrocities; Prime Minister of Israel. A complete animal. This process of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from their own homeland by Jews continues to this very day. The Zionist colonization and ethnic cleansing of Palestine — a crime against humanity that goes unpunished and is, in fact, supported by many Western governments.

This absurd figure has been officially revised quite a lot. Now it is claimed that only 95, people died in Mauthausen, of which only 14, were Jews. An exaggeration of 1,,! Goldmann describes how he, and his fellow conniving Zionists at the World Jewish Congress, intended the reparations swindle to finance Jewish settlement in Palestine after the war. Goldmann admits the swindle. In it was all exposed as a big lie when the Auschwitz State Museum officially revised the death toll from 4,, down to 1. This should tell you right away that they are just making it up as they go along.

The Nuremberg Trial indictment charged the Nazis with killing 1,, people at Majdanek, a camp in Poland. It is now claimed that only 79, people died in this camp , officially. Despite this admission, there are still Jews today going around claiming that this actually occurred. Of that amount about half the victims were Jews. The main cause of death was the typhus epidemic and starvation. See: Vho. Main cause of death: Typhus In , a leading Jewish Freemason let slip the agenda behind the Holocaust religion. Ian J. Click to enlarge. What a laugh!

Undoubtedly, this book exposes the deliberate fraudulence of these sinister Zionist campaigns and media blitzes — long before Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in — designed to elicit public sympathy and financial support for Jewish political ambitions, such as Zionism and Communism. New York Times, May 3, , p. Paul Nathan [ But this absorption of the five or six million Jews [ The Jews in Russia, numbering about six million , are denied full political and civil rights and are economically oppressed. From across the sea six million men and women call to us for help [ Six million men and women are dying from lack of the necessaries of life [ In this threatened holocaust of human life [ Six million men and women are dying [ The successive blows of contending armies have all but broken the back of European Jewry and have reduced to tragically unbelievable poverty, starvation and disease about 6,, souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth.

Bucherverlag Erwin Lowe, Berlin Declared the 6 million number to be symbolic of the Jewish destiny.

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But they face the hostility of the Arabs living there, whose economic and religious interests conflict with theirs. The message stated that the problem now involved some 6,, Jews. But they will have to carry the burden. For them the support of the united appeal is crucial. Five million more, await with horror the moment this misery will strike them [ Their only hope is the help which the Jews of America can extend to them.

The success of the United Jewish Appeal will determine their fate. Even the 4,, Jews under Soviet rule, although free from racial discrimination, are not safe in the event of a final Nazi victory. Fully six million Jews in Europe [ Statements issued simultaneously in London, Washington and Moscow, told at German barbarity and of proof of the Nazi determination to exterminate Jews.

Silverman suggested that Australia and Canada could each absorb 6,, Jews. They were now either with the partisans in the forests or living as Crypto-Jews. The death toll was six million , they declared. Silent while thousand on thousands, reaching now to six million Jews, were murdered. And silent now while tens of thousands are still being murdered and waiting to be murdered? Their destroyed hearts cry to you for help as they bewail your cruelty.

Brutal you are and murderers too you are, because of the cold-bloodedness of the silence in which you watch. Till now six times a million Jews from Europe and Russia have been destroyed. Happily, perhaps, for the Arabs, that number has been cut down by six million. Editors of the work -which will be published in both Russian and English in press runs of hundreds of thousands of copies- estimate from data now available that the Germans killed between 5,, and 6,, Jews in Russia, Poland and western Europe.

They believe an additional , now are being murdered in Hungary. These figures exceed the number anticipated even by the most pessimistic. Ask any German prisoners why his fellow countrymen annihilated six million innocent people [ Ach Santoshi Wishes. By the Deep Research on may Horoscopes. AstroFriend Santosh Santoshi. Avinash Kumar. Jai shree Krishna dear friend. Urvashi Thakur. Adhbhut Shodh Paribhasha he badal di aapne Thankyou so much. Kya mai aapko call kar sakti hu. Published 17 March Tetangco, Jr. Prefix AH. Like P, but new date and new signature. Courtesy of Jonathan See. Philippines new date peso note confirmed 24 02, Like P, but new date Philippines new date J peso note confirmed 24 02, Like PNL, but new date J.

Like P, but new date J. Philippines new date H peso note confirmed 24 02, Like P, but new date H. Indonesia new date ,rupiah note Bb confirmed 19 02, Indonesia new signature 5,rupiah note Br confirmed 19 02, Br: Like Bq, but new signature unknown. Prefix MLY. It appears that there may be watermark varieties for this denomination. Differences have been reported for - dated notes.

Like P, but new date 1 January Prefix NR. Prefix FN. Be: Like Bd, but new date 1 January Prefix FA. Courtesy of Igor Tereshkov. Prefix TW. Prefix DE. Singapore new symbol one star dollar note Bh confirmed 08 02, Prefix 3AA. Malaysia new signature ringgit note Bb confirmed 06 02, Prefix LS. Courtesy of Gerhard Hoeck. Bn: Like Bm, but new signatures and new date Prefix XPU. Indonesia new signature 10,rupiah note Bi confirmed 02 02, Bi: Like Bh, but new signatures.

Prefix LPZ. Indonesia new signature 20,rupiah note Bg confirmed 01 02, Bg: Like Bf, but new signatures. Prefix LKZ. Courtesy of Bill Stubkjaer. Prefix MZ. Courtesy of Alex Zlotin. Vietnam new date ,dong note Bj confirmed 31 01, Prefix LJ.

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Singapore new symbol two stars 2-dollar note Bi confirmed 22 01, Prefix 6AA, 6CA. Singapore new symbol two stars dollar note Bi confirmed 21 01, Prefix 5GE. Singapore new symbol two hollow stars 2-dollar note Bj confirmed 19 01, Prefix 6RG. Singapore new symbol solid star 2-dollar note Bh confirmed 18 01, Prefix 6AF. Singapore new symbol solid houses dollar note Bj confirmed 18 01, Prefix 5FZ. Indonesia new signature 50,rupiah note Bg confirmed 15 01, Bg: Like Bf, but new signature. Prefix VCN.

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Courtesy of Martin Burger. Indonesia denies rumors of hammer and sickle on new banknotes 11 01, According to an article on Tempo. Martowadojo assured the public that the image at left front is the bank logo as registration device, not a Soviet hammer and sickle as rumored. Singapore new symbol solid house 1,dollar note Bh confirmed 06 01, Prefix 5AA. Courtesy of Teddy Wahidin. Prefix SN. Prefix R. Philippines new date A 1,peso note confirmed 29 12, Like P, but new date A. Prefix B. South Korea to introduce Winter Olympics commemorative note in 22 12, Courtesy of Jeonghyun Park and Craig Eustace.

Indonesia new banknote family confirmed 19 12, On 19 December , Bank Indonesia introduced seven new banknotes with enhanced security features and new designs of national heroes, traditional dances, and natural sites. All previously issued banknotes remain valid. Indonesia new notes reported for introduction According to an article in JakartaGlobe , on 19 December , Bank Indonesia plans to introduce new banknotes denominated in , , , , and rupiah with new portraits and enhanced security features, such as color-shifting metallic foil security patches, latent images of BI logo, and tactile patterns.

China chapter of The Banknote Book is now available 09 12, The China chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers. Revised Philippines new date F peso note confirmed 07 12, Philippines new date G peso note confirmed 02 12, Like P, but new date G. Prefix M. Philippines new date G peso note confirmed 25 11, Prefix GA. Philippines new date H peso note confirmed 21 11, Philippines new date peso note confirmed 19 11, Prefix ER.

Philippines new date A peso note confirmed 19 11, Prefix ER, MG. Philippines new date G 1,peso note confirmed 19 11, Prefix BU. Philippines new date A peso note confirmed 13 11, Prefix AU. Philippines new date F peso note confirmed 13 11, Prefix CG. Philippines new date and H peso notes confirmed 12 11, Like P, but new dates and H. Be: Like Bd, but new date and new signature. Prefix KQ. Courtesy of Manfred Wolfensberger. Thailand new baht commemorative reported for According to an article on Pattay Mail dated 21 October , the Bank of Thailand will introduce a new baht note to commemorate the late king's seventh cycle birthday on 25 October.

The notes will be packaged with a pamphlet and sold for baht each. Thailand to continue using notes depicting late king 21 10, According to a press release dated 19 October , the Bank of Thailand has announced that the current banknotes B - B will continue to be used indefinitely despite the death of Bhumibol Adulyadej Rama IX on 13 October , whose portrait appears on the front of all denominations.

The British North Borneo chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers. This 7-page catalog covers notes issued by the British North Borneo Company from to Published 14 October Malaysia new signature ringitt note Bb reported 28 09, According to a press release dated 28 September , Bank Negara Malaysia will introduce ringgit notes Bb with the signature of Datuk Muhammd Ibrahim, who was appointed as the new governor for five years, effective from 1 May , following the retirement of the previous governor, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akthar Aziz.

Philippines new date peso note confirmed 20 09, Philippines new date 1,peso note confirmed 20 09, Indonesia new family of banknotes announced 16 09, Following the issuance of Presidential Decree No. It typically takes many years to develop a new family of notes from conception to introduction into circulation. Thailand new signature baht note Bc confirmed 31 08, Bc: Like Bb, but new signature. Prefix 7G. Macau BNU new date Like P81, but new date. Thailand new signature baht note Bc confirmed 22 08, Bc: Like Bb, but with new signature.

Prefix 3A. Thailand new baht commemorative note B confirmed 21 08, A total of 20 million notes were printed. Holographic stripe. Printer: NPW. No date. Signature Courtesy of Thomas Augustsson and Sanjay Basu numis-asia.

Singapore new symbol one diamond dollar note Bf confirmed 18 08, Intro: August Courtesy of Tan Wei Jie www. Like Ba, but new date and new signature. Replacement notes: Prefix XX. Like Ba, but new date , and new signature. Taiwan chapter of The Banknote Book is now available 04 08, The Taiwan chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers.

Published 5 August Sign up for Email Notifications If you would like to receive email notifications whenever a new chapter of The Banknote Book is published, please join the email list. Thailand chapter of The Banknote Book is now available 28 07, The Thailand chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers. This page catalog covers notes issued by the Government of Thailand from to present. Published 29 July Bangladesh new date 1,taka note Bf confirmed 12 07, Bf: Like Be, but new date Indonesia new date 50,rupiah note Bf confirmed 29 06, Prefix MAD.

Courtesy of Wahidin Teddy. Indonesia new date 10,rupiah note Bh confirmed 29 06, Prefix XUE. Indonesia new date 20,rupiah note Bf confirmed 29 06, Prefix YJA. Prefix OEF. Philippines new date peso note confirmed 16 06, Prefix AK. Thailand new signature baht note confirmed 16 06, Like unlisted note issued Prefix 7C. Hong Kong Bank of China commemorative reported for September intro 07 06, Thailand new baht commemorative note confirmed 30 05, According to a press release dated 30 May , on 9 June , the Bank of Thailand will introduce a baht note to commemorate the 70th anniversary of King Bhumibol Adulyadej's accession to the throne.

With a vertical orientation, the note measures 89 x mm. The back of the note depicts the King in full regalia holding the Sword of Victory, standing in front of the Phuttan Kanchanasinghat Throne inside the Paisan Taksin Hall. Courtesy of Frank Schirmer and Thomas Augustsson. South Korea Winter Olympics commemorative note reported 30 05, According to an article on Yonhap News Agency dated 29 May , the Bank of Korea plans to issue the country's first legal tender commemorative banknote for the Winter Olympics set to take place in PyeongChang 9 - 25 February The Bank of Korea also plans to start selling sets of commemorative coins in November, composed of two gold, eight silver and one bronze.

Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank new date Prefix BN. Korea chapter of The Banknote Book is now available 12 05, The Korea chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers. This page catalog covers notes issued by the Treasury Department in , the First National Bank from to , the Bank of Korea from to , the Bank of Chosen from to , and the Red Army Headquarters from to Published 13 May Macau new pataca commemorative notes B, B confirmed 10 05, Watermark: Lotus flower and electrotype Courtesy of Tzm-Collections on eBay.

Signature 4. Indonensia new date 50,rupiah note Bg confirmed 08 05, Prefix DOK. Malaysia central bank appoints new governor as of According to a Bank Negara Malaysia press release dated 27 April , deputy governor Datuk Muhammad Ibrahim has been appointed as the new governor for five years, effective from 1 May , following the retirement of the current governor, Tan Sri Dr Zeti Akthar Aziz. Expect new signature varieties to follow.

Courtesy of Liew Siang Ping. Indonesia new date 5,rupiah note Bq confirmed 12 04, Bq: Like Bp, but new date Prefix NZW. Courtesy of Olexandr Danishenko. Indonesia new date 2,rupiah note Bh confirmed 07 04, Bh: Like Bg, but new date Vietnam to introduce dong commemorative note BNP on Windowed Motion security thread. Courtesy of Nick Chiu. Tags: Vietnam. China to replace 1-yuan note with coin 19 03, According to an article in ShanghaiDaily.

Vietnam new date 20,dong note Bg confirmed 18 03, Prefix ME. Courtesy of Nin Cheun Noteshobby. Philippines new date peso note confirmed 04 03, Courtesy of Mark Fox. Brunei new date dollar note Bc confirmed 25 02, Japan chapter of The Banknote Book is now available 25 02, The Japan chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers. This page catalog covers notes issued by the Japanese Government from to , the Great Japanese Imperial National Bank from to , the Bank of Japan from to present, and the Allied Military from to Published 26 February Tags: Japan.

Philippines new color peso note introduced According to a press release dated 29 January , "The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas BSP is issuing Piso banknotes with stronger mauve or violet color starting Monday, 01 February , to make it more distinct from the Piso banknote. This is in response to suggestions from the public to make it easier to distinguish from the Piso banknote [P]. Compared with the current color of the Piso banknote in circulation [P], the new Piso banknote will have stronger mauve or violet color on the obverse and reverse sides. All the other features of the said banknote will remain the same.

The current Piso banknotes can still be used for daily transactions for payment of goods and services and will commingle with the new Piso banknotes with stronger mauve or violet color until supplies of the first version last. Henceforth, the BSP will be printing the Piso with stronger mauve or violet color. Thailand new signature baht note confirmed 23 02, Like unlisted baht note introduced Courtesy of Frank Schirmer. Singapore new symbol dollar note Bk confirmed 23 02, Prefix 5QJ.

Manchukuo chapter of The Banknote Book is now available 04 02, The Manchukuo chapter of The Banknote Book is now available for individual sale and as a free download to subscribers. This 9-page catalog covers notes issued by the Central Bank of Manchou from to Published 5 February Singapore new symbol star 2-dollar note Bh confirmed 01 02, Courtesy of Bin Hao.

Prefix EK - EM. Bangladesh new date taka note Be confirmed 16 01, Be: Like Bd, but new date Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer Banknote-Online. Bangladesh new date taka note Bd confirmed 16 01, Bd: Like Bc, but new date Indonesia new date 20,rupiah note Be confrimed 10 01, Cambodia new date 2,rial note Bb reported 26 12, Watermark: Floral pattern. Courtesy of Allan Lim. Zimbabwe makes Chinese yuan legal tender after China cancels debts 22 12, Courtesy of Mark Irwin.

Like P, but new date 1 January and new signature. Prefix ND. Prefix JD. Myanmar new 10,kyat note B confirmed 04 12, According to an article on ZeeNews. B PNL : 10, kyats Blue, red, purple, green, brown, and yellow. Front: Guilloche patterns; two elephants flanking laurel wreath with outline map of Myanmar. Back: Royal Palace of Mandalay with reflection on water. Watermark: Lotus blossom and electrotype Brunei new date 1-dollar note Bb confirmed 28 11, Prefix D Prefix DB. Prefix BC. Prefix BG. Philippines new date A peso note confirmed 07 11, Prefix ZZ. Philippines new date C peso note confirmed 07 11, Like P, but new date C.

Philippines new peso note with revised color reported for introduction 27 10, According to an article on Rappler. Singapore new dollar notes Bb - Bb confirmed with two diamonds on back 13 10, All five types of the new dollar polymer commemorative note have been confirmed with either one or two diamonds below the unique wording at lower left back.

Thailand new signature baht note confirmed 08 10, Prefix 1G. Vietnam new date ,dong note Bk confirmed 25 09, Like Bj, but new date Bb: Like Ba, but with two diamonds below Opportunities for All on back. Prefix 5AC. Bb: Like Ba, but with two diamonds below Strong Families on back. Prefix 5BV. Courtesy of Morten Brumoen. Singapore new and one dollar commemorative notes B - B confirmed 26 08, Front: Coat of arms; lion head as registration device; gold lion head; brown 10; orchid flower; Yusof bin Ishak. Back: …regardless of race, language or religion…; orchid flower pattern underprint; eight boys and girls wearing tee shirts and shorts; lion head.

Security thread shaped like Singapore island. Watermark shadow image : Outline map of Singapore. One diamond below regardless… on back. Prefix 5BG. Back: Opportunities for All; orchid flower pattern underprint; soccer football coach and three players; construction worker with blueprint; dancer; scientist with beakers and test tubes; chef wearing toque stirring wok, boy in wheelchair and two seated girls; financial trader with keyboard and stock charts on monitors; teacher pointing to Singapore on globe; lion head. One diamond below Opportunities… on back. Prefix 5BL. One diamond below Strong Families on back.

Prefix 5BB. Back: Safe and Secure; orchid flower pattern underprint; Citizens on Patrol consulting brochure with police officers; solider with binoculars; soldier with clenched hand over heart; woman carrying duffle bag; pilot in flight suit; firefighter with walkie talkie; five fighter jets; lion head.

One diamond below Safe and Secure on back. Prefix 5BF. Back: Caring Community, Active Citizenry; orchid flower pattern underprint; two women and one man with shovel planting tree sapling; man and woman visiting elderly seated woman; two women with rollers and one man with brush painting walls and window trim; lion head.

One diamond below Caring Community on back. Prefix 5AX. Back: Orchid flower pattern underprint; modern buildings, automobile bridge, and four kayaks in Punggol New Town; soldiers marching past reviewing stand and flag during First National Day Parade Watermark shadow image : Unknown. One star below First National Day Parade on back. Prefix 50BH. The public can exchange the SG50 commemorative notes at face value at branches of nine major retail banks from 20 August onwards.

The public is advised not to rush to obtain the notes. There will be enough notes for Singaporeans.

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There is no need to rush. Singaporeans will be given priority to exchange the notes from 20 August to 30 September From 1 October onwards, the SG50 notes will be made available to non-Singaporeans as well. The public can choose to exchange any number or combination of notes subject to a maximum of five notes per design.

Members of the public can also obtain specially-designed folders to keep the commemorative notes. They can obtain one complimentary folder when they exchange for any of the commemorative currency notes. There is no minimum amount they need to exchange to obtain the folder. The public can only obtain up to a maximum of two folders per transaction. The folders will be available at the banks on a first-come-first-served basis and while stocks last. The nine major retail banks have sponsored 2. An exclusive collection of seven limited edition SG50 numismatic currency sets are available for sale.

Details of the numismatic currency sets are at Annex 2. Sets that are oversubscribed will be subjected to balloting. Pre-orders must reach Noel Gifts by 11 September and will be available for collection by the public on 18 September The notes themselves, however, feature the correct spelling. The Monetary Authority of Singapore says it will print stickers to cover the mistake with the correct spelling. Thailand new 1,baht note confirmed 25 08, According to a press release dated 17 August , on 21 August the Bank of Thailand introduced a new 1,baht note series 16 , "The design is to glorify His Majesty King Chulalongkorn for his incomparable contributions to the country.

The color and size of this new Baht remains unchanged; which is brown in color and x 72 mm in size. The new Baht banknote can be exchanged at every commercial bank across the country. The existing and the previous series of Baht banknote remain legal tender. Philippines new date peso note confirmed 20 08, P Like P, but new date Prefix GQ. Courtesy of Tan goodluck4u Indonesia new date 10,rupiah note Bg confirmed 14 08, Indonesia new date 5,rupiah note Bp confirmed 14 08, Courtesy of Jim "Rubycored" Chen.

Bd2: Like Bd1, but new Western digits in lower left serial number. Curiously, based upon prefixes, it appears that on taka notes the lower left serial number went from Bengali digits from to , then Western, back to Bengali in , and reverting to Western yet again in the same year. Courtesy of Dr. Singapore new one-star symbol dollar note Bh confirmed 12 08, Prefix 5AF. Courtesy of KK Lim. Thailand new signature baht note confirmed 11 08, Like P, but new signatures. Prefix 9D. Courtesy of Alexander Petrov. Like PNL, but new signatures.